Sunday, May 15, 2022

 Thinking too much about life.

Being different from other people makes it so hard to make meaningful connections.

Maybe I have just seen too much in life.

I feel dead inside. My emotions only a variant of either sadness or anger. 

I guess, I'll just grind out bugs. Keep grinding out bugs.

I dont even know anymore why I find bugs. Maybe it is the only thing I actually know how to do.

I wish I could be excited about being alive, like other people. Some days I want to go to the Arctic, vanish in a raging snow storm, never to be found again. One final mad struggle.

Perhaps the storm is just inside my head.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Arctic adventure photos!

These are mostly picture of the first part of my 700km trek in the arctic. There was a lot of snow! During the second part of my trek the heatwave that was tormenting the rest of Europe finally hit and most of the snow melted. For the first part I had to traverse nearly 400km without options to resupply, so I had to carry a loooot of food! Towards the end I was hiking on 1000 calories a day, which was really hard, walking in snow all day is exhausting and it was hard making distance in this type of terrain. I did not meet any other hikers during the first part. It was one of the wildest things I have done in my life. I miss it a lot right now.