29. CVE-2020-0686: Windows Installer LPE
28. CVE-2020-3941: VMWare tools MSI LPE
27. CVE-2019-1385: Windows Appx LPE
26. CVE-2019-1415: Windows Installer LPE
25. CVE-2019-1423: Windows LPE
24. CVE-2019-1319: Windows Error Reporting LPE 
23. CVE-2019-1292: Windows LPE
22. CVE-2019-1130: Windows Appx LPE

21. CVE-2019-1069: Windows Task Scheduler LPE
20. CVE-2019-1053: Windows filepicker sandbox escape
19. CVE-2019-1064: Windows Appx LPE
18. CVE-2019-0973: Windows Installer LPE
17. CVE-2019-0863: Windows Error Reporting LPE
16. CVE-2019-0636: Windows Installer LPE
15. CVE-2018-8584: Windows Data Sharing Service LPE
14. CVE-2018-8440: Windows Task Scheduler LPE
13. CVE-2018-8314: Windows filepicker sandbox escape
12. CVE-2018-8339: Windows Installer LPE
11. CVE-2018-0868: Windows Installer LPE
10. CVE-2018-4872: Adobe reader sandbox escape
9. CVE-2017-8633: Windows Error Reporting LPE
8. CVE-2017-0226: IE11 EPM sandbox escape
7. CVE-2017-8503: Edge sandbox escape
6. CVE-2017-3080: Flash broker sandbox escape
5. CVE-2016-7292: Windows installer LPE
4. CVE-2016-0194: IE11 EPM sandbox escape
3. CVE-2016-3292: IE11 EPM sandbox escape
2. CVE-2015-1739: IE11 EPM sandbox escape
1. CVE-2015-1743: IE11 EPM sandbox escape

Note: All Adobe CVEs are uncredited, because I dropped those bugs. A lot of recent MSFT bugs are also uncredited, because I dropped them.. but you can find plenty of news articles about those drops attributing those bugs to me..